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Campus Closings and Delays

Weather-Related Closings and Delays

The safety of all students and staff is our primary concern in hazardous weather situations. Discussion occurs regularly during the day when a weather emergency potentially could affect College operations.

  • The decision to cancel classes and activities for the day is made by 5:45 a.m.
  • The decision to delay opening a campus is made by 5:45 a.m.
  • The decision to cancel evening classes and activities is made by 4:00 p.m.

Announcements of closings or delays are sent to several media outlets and posted on the College website. Sources for information include:

  • The College website at - the latest information will appear in a bright yellow bar at the top of the homepage
  • Automated messages on the College phone at
    • (315) 255-1743 for the Auburn Campus
    • (315) 592-4143 for the Fulton Campus
  • Local radio stations (may provide more complete information than TV stations)
    • WMBO/WPCX, Auburn
    • WSYR/WYYY, WBBS, Y94FM, WSEN, WFBL, WNTQ, WAQX, FM 91.3, Syracuse
    • WSFW, WLLW, Seneca Falls
    • WRV96.7FM, Oswego
    • WZZZ, Fulton
    • WGVA, WNYR 98.5FM, Geneva
    • WNYR, Rochester
  • Area television stations
  • When an early closing occurs during the day, an e-mail is sent to inform College employees.


Non-Weather-Related Closings and Delays

Occasionally, a power outage or other non-weather-related circumstance will necessitate cancellation of classes. In this case, the information will appear first on the College homepage at If possible (depending on the time of day), information may also be carried on area broadcast stations.