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Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology

The Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT) at Cayuga Community College is a nonprofit organization that specializes in acquiring and analyzing geographic data. IAGT uses Geographic Information Technologies (GIT), combining data collection methods such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), remote sensing and geographic information software. The information developed from analysis of this data is rendered in graphic representations such as maps, three- and four-dimensional visualizations, graphics and enhanced imagery.

IAGT works with three major groups to help them use this versatile technology:

  • Government Agencies (.gov) - sponsoring conferences, researching land cover and fire management projects, providing grants, environmental quality review, and more.
  • Educational Institutions (.edu) - showing teachers how to teach GIT in their classrooms, supporting college GIS programs, sponsoring internships, and more.
  • Business Community (.com) - partnering with businesses to expand the use of GIT in the community, wired building grants, consulting, and more.

As geospatial technology continues to grow, evolve, and become even more mainstream, IAGT is perfectly positioned to provide the guidance and support needed by these three main constituencies.

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