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Assistive Technology

A variety of technology is available for use by students working with the Office of Accessibility Resources. The majority of the assistive technology is housed in the Center for Academic Success which also serves as one of the public computer labs on campus. Selected assistive technology can also be found in the Library.


E-text Readers

If you receive your textbooks electronically (E-text), see Low-cost and No-cost Text-to-Speech software for a list of software that can be downloaded to your computer and used for reading your textbooks and other documents aloud.


Assistive Technology available in the Center for Academic Success

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
    Speech recognition software that allows a student to create and edit documents in Microsoft Word by dictating into a microphone connected to the computer.
  • Premier Assistive Technology Suite
    Reading and writing tools
  • Various free text-to-speech programs including WordTalk and NaturalReader
  • Kurzweil 3000
    Reading, writing and study skill software. Allows the student to scan a document and have it read aloud by the computer. Includes tools to assist with the writing process.
  • Kurzweil 1000
    Provides blind users access to printed and electronic materials. Scanned print documents and digital files (such as eBooks or email) are converted from text to speech and read aloud.
  • JAWS screen reader software
    This software is designed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. JAWS reads aloud what's on the PC screen
  • Braille translation software from Duxbury Systems and a Braille Embosser
  • Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader software
    Magnification and screen reading software that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on the computer screen
  • Adjustable height computer tables
  • Adaptive computer mouse
  • Zoomtext large print keyboard
  • Franklin handheld spell checker