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Study Groups

Study Groups are an opportunity for students to get together to discuss weekly lectures and readings and prepare for tests. Students work together to clarify course information and gain a deeper understanding of the course material. Study groups are a popular supplement to independent study, and many instructors strongly encourage students to take part in them.


What to Expect

Study Groups are facilitated by a Study Group leader. The leader is a trained peer tutor who works to create a comfortable environment where students' needs and concerns can be addressed. Chairs are often arranged in a circle to foster a sense of inclusion. The leader surveys students to identify topics for discussion, a goal is set, and discussion proceeds. Study Group leaders direct the discussion while encouraging group participants to do the talking.

If you are interested in forming a Study Group for one of your courses, speak with your instructor or visit the Center for Academic Success.

If you are interested in becoming a Study Group leader, contact Teresa Hoercher.


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