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New Courses for Fall 2012 Semester

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Art History: Ancient to Gothic

ART 101-001

(Ancient to Gothic) This is the first time this course will be offered online. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: ENGL 101. Provides a background in visual arts from the prehistoric period to the Gothic era. Studies the artistic achievements of each era in the context of important historical and philosophical developments. Emphasis on Egypt, Greece, Rome, medieval Europe, and Asia. Slides, lectures, and films. Three class hours weekly.

Painting Studio II

ART 105 - 001

We haven't offered this course in many years. Qualified students do not need Painting 1 to enroll. An intermediate painting course in a studio setting in which each student explores one or more of the painting media (watercolor, acrylics, pastel). Stress is on individual expression/creativity through exploration. The basic concern of painting, composition, color theory and subject matter will be discussed, thus affording the student the opportunity to develop his/her own educational “style”. Two lecture-demonstration hours/two studio hours weekly.

Printmaking Workshop

ART 260-001

Recommended background: ART 103 or 112 or equivalent. Introduces the basic techniques of relief printing using linoleum, wood and experimental media. Students also learn basic book binding structures and incorporate their printed imagery in a sequential format. Two lecture-demonstration hours and two studio hours weekly.


ENGL 207

This course is offered once every two years and qualifies for the Theater concentration Prerequisite: ENGL 101-102. Studies Shakespeare┬┐s dramatic art through his treatment of character, theme, form, and structure. Readings include early and later tragedies, comedies, histories, and non-dramatic works. Includes focus on Shakespeare as a representative of Elizabethan England. Papers required on topics such as biographical materials, dramatic companies, theatres, sources, criticism. Three class hours weekly. NOTE: May be used as an English or Liberal Arts elective, but cannot be taken in lieu of required literature courses.

Intermediate Creative Writing

ENGL 239

This course is offered once every two years and can qualify for the Writing concentration. Recommended background: ENGL 101-102. Devoted to a theme or topic in literature of language or to the works of a major writer or group of writers. NOTE: May be used as an English or Liberal Arts elective, but cannot be taken in lieu of required literature courses.

Professional Writing Practicum

ENGL 260

Students will gain hands-on experience writing for community and college-based clients. Prerequisite: ENGL 101. This course introduces students to several forms of professional writing, such as grant writing and publicity writing that call for higher level writing skills. Students then gain professional experience by working with actual clients and developing written material to accommodate their needs.

SOMA Fundamentals of Writing

ENGL 098, section 008

A developmental writing course specifically for majors in Art, Music, Telcom, and Theatre. Designed for the study and improvement of basic writing skills and techniques, focusing on grammar, the sentence, the paragraph and short essay. Three class hours weekly.

World Music

MUSI 121

A new music course offered for the first time. Introduction to World Music will explore the musical traditions of selective African, Asian, Caribbean, Eastern European and Latin American cultures. Three class hours weekly.

Music Composition

MUSI 205

A new music course that will give students hands-on composition training in our new Music Lab. Prerequisites: MUSI 105, MUSI 154. In this course, intermediate concepts and materials of music composition are covered. The student will have assigned projects in motive and phrase development, periodic construction, phrase shape, and part writing. The student will complete short pieces for keyboard and small instrumental/vocal combinations.

Moving Image/Film Appreciation

TELC 103

An introductory course in film appreciation. Covers the development and employment of television and film techniques. Emphasis on how these techniques are used as a form of artistic expression and create meaning. Classic films, from the silent period to the present day, and television programs are screened. Three class hours weekly.

Video Game Design

TELC 176

A course in hands-on game design. This course introduces the student to the development and design of video games. Students will design and develop basic video games. Students will learn to prepare a game plan in developing their games and create game environments such as action games, maze games and multi-player games. Students will learn to use sprites, objects, events and actions and sounds in game development. They will also learn game mechanics, interactivity controls, level design, game variable adjustments, game behaviors, creating computer-based opponents and methods for making games challenging to prospective players. Students will be introduced to software used to create original game resources such as objects, sounds and visual elements. Finally students will be able to post their completed games online to share with others. Three lecture hours weekly

Film and Video Business

TELC 280

Students will learn the film and video business and gain practical experience by working for C3 Video Studios. Prerequisite: TELC 104. This course introduces students to the practice of managing an independent production company. Students gain experience in program origination, program development, production, legal issues, copyright regulations, marketing and distribution. Participation, under the supervision of faculty and staff, in the college's student production company, C3 Studios, is required.