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Studio Art and Design

One of the fastest growing degree programs at Cayuga; the A.S. degree in Studio Art and Design is a great start to prepare for a variety of careers in the art and design world. With options to form a concentration in ceramics, graphic design, photography, printmaking and textile design, you can tailor your experience at Cayuga to prepare a strong portfolio for transfer to a four year college or university or entry to work.


Program Learning Outcomes

Studio Art and Design A.S. students will:

  • Create the illusion of form on a two-dimensional surface
  • Manipulate line and mass within a three-dimensional space
  • Compose positive and negative space on a two-dimensional surface
  • Utilize color mixing and color schemes
  • Illustrate the human figure
  • Proficiently use a variety of media
  • Communicate ideas and concepts visually
  • Understand the history of art
  • Become aware of career options
  • Continue your education at a 4-year institution


Cayuga Success Stories

“Enrolling in Cayuga's Studio Art and Design program was the best choice I ever made. I was impressed by the dedication of the faculty, and how much the professors care about their students. They are supportive and encourage creative abilities, as well as presenting challenges for further skill development. My education taught me how to build a more professional portfolio. I'm creating a solid foundation for my career.”  — T. Smith '02

“The Studio Art and Design program is a great starting point to prepare for further study. When I first came I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I was introduced to areas of art I never thought of and I'm glad. It helped me focus on some areas to pursue in the future.”  — K. Nord '04

“I feel ready for transfer and BFA degree, all due to my associate degree in Studio Art and Design. The classes are my foundation and taught me everything, but it wasn't just the curriculum, it was the faculty's advisement and knowledge of art and design. I loved every minute of being an art student at CCC - you never want to miss a class.”  — A. Harmatuk '05, Cayuga student transferring to SUNY Oswego to pursue a bachelor's degree in fine arts


Transfer Information

Many of our graduates have pursued bachelor's degrees in specialized art fields, successfully transferring to four-year schools including Rochester Institute of Technology, Wells College, Cazenovia College, SUNY Colleges at Buffalo, Oswego, and New Paltz, Moore College of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Syracuse University Colleges of Architecture and Visual/Performing Arts.


Program Highlights

  • Foundation courses in drawing, painting, two- and three-dimensional design, and art history
  • Further concentration in such areas as textile design, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and computer graphics
  • Studios: 2 large work studios equipped with easels, drawing tables, work tables, silkscreen vacuum exposing unit, 3 printing presses, 7 electric wheels for throwing clay, 3 kick wheels, 2 electric kilns
  • Media lab: flatbed scanner, film scanners, personal computers with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photodeluxe, and Adobe Illustrator, plus traditional chemical-based photo lab with 7 enlargers
  • Exhibit space and slide collection: on-site exhibits of artwork by students, faculty, and visiting artists, plus a comprehensive collection of slides for reference in art history and studio courses