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Introductory Anthropology

ANTH 101-150
11:00 AM
12:20 PM
08-31-2015 – 12-11-2015
22 (Capacity: 30)
3 credit hours

Course Description

Provides the student with a broad overview of the discipline of Anthropology. The introduction presents the student with a history of the discipline. The course focuses on the basic subfields of Anthropology: Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Ethnology, the goal of which is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of humanity. Primatology creates understanding of the physical and social similarities shared by man and his closely-related kin in the animal kingdom. Human evolution is studied with the goal of understanding the processes of both physical evolution and paleoanthropological research. The course then focuses on the development of culture, from simple hunters to advanced civilizations. Case studies are drawn from different regions to emphasize multicultural approached to resolving common human problems. Every academic year


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