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Health Care Great Britain

NURS 165-461
07:00 PM
11:59 PM
01-01-2015 – 01-14-2015
6 (Capacity: 7)
3 credit hours
Jane Kiernan

Course Description

This international study-travel course is offered to health care providers, administrators, and others with an interest in exploring health care issues in Great Britain. The intent is to enrich and broaden the historic and cultural insights of the health care provider through immersion in and study of an international health care system. Participants will meet and exchange ideas with their British peers and compare and contrast variations in past, current, and future trends between the National Health Service and United States health care system. This course will consist of an intensive two week series of tours, lectures, and discussions including well-known London sites associated with past health care issues. Historic and cultural influences will be explored during visits to the Roman baths at Bath, the original Old St. Thomas' Operating Theatre, Stonehenge, the Wellcome Collection, the Nurse's Chapel at Westminster Abbey, the Florence Nightingale Museum, the Gordon Museum, and other sites of interest. Intersession only.


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