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Family/Community Nursing II

NURS 216-150

07:00 AM
04:00 PM

05:00 PM
09:55 PM

01-21-2014 – 03-11-2014
5 (Capacity: 25)
4 credit hours

Course Description

Prerequisites: NURS 101, NURS 102, NURS 214, NURS 215, BIOL 203, BIOL 204. Adult, child and infant CPR certification. This course builds upon the skills, abilities, and knowledge developed in Nursing 101, Nursing 102, Nursing 214 and Nursing 215. The student will learn interpersonal, technical, and cognitive skills related to individualized nursing care of mothers and infants through the maternity cycle, children with complex medical/surgical needs, and high risk antepartum and postpartum clients in the community. Learning activities are planned to develop the student's ability to think critically, to reason and form judgments, and to assess, analyze and resolve client-centered problems. The roles of nurse as provider of care, manager of care and member of the profession are further developed with increased autonomy and an emphasis on the development of leadership skills. Clinical experiences are correlated with theory by selection of clients in acute care settings, home care and varied community agencies. The student is expected to demonstrate competency of selected nursing skills in the Nursing Lab. Four class hours and twelve clinical laboratory hours weekly for seven weeks.


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