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Employee E-mail

How to Access:


General Specifications

  • 1,200 MB of storage
  • Maximum attachment size:
    • incoming 25 MB
    • outgoing no limit
  • Spam management:
    • Barracuda Spam Firewall


Employee Mobile Device Email Instructions

Setting up your Cayuga e-mail account on your phone requires a mobile device that supports Microsoft Active Sync 4.5. Phones that do not support Active Sync 4.5 can access employee email through our Online Webmail Access. Make sure that you are running the latest version of your mobile device operating system. A passcode is required on all mobile devices setup to access a Cayuga e-mail account via Active Sync.

Setting Example Explanation
Email This is your unique CCC Employee email account.
Server This is the Employee CCC email server name. Type exactly what you see at left.
Domain ccc.lan This is the Employee domain info, type exactly what you see at left.
Username john.smith This is your unique username, drop the from your email address.
Password xxxxxx This is your unique email/account password. Type the password you use to login to your CCC Employee email Account.
Description CCC Email This field is simply a description field for the account. Feel free to give it any description you will remember. It will not affect your account.
SSL ON (or YES) This field specifies whether to use SSL encryption or not. This should be enabled for any mobile device in order for email to work.