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Foundation Commencement Awards



Commencement Award NameCommencement Award AmountCategory
ACC/CCC Alumni Association Award$500Outstanding Graduate
Accounting Career Award$250Business
Accounting Transfer Award$250Business
Alfieri, Louis and Madeleine Memorial Nursing Award$500Nursing
Atwater, Dr. G. Burnett and Vera K. Memorial Award$352Outstanding Graduate
Auburn Community Hospital Auxiliary Award$500Nursing
Belth, Irving and Helen Memorial Award$500Outstanding Graduate
Biden, Neilia Hunter English Awards$1,004English
Bourke, Dean Norman F. Memorial Scholarship$302Outstanding Graduate
Boyle, Edward T. and Alice L. Memorial Scholarship$950Liberal Arts
Brewer, Carol A. Sportsmanship Award$244Athletics
Camardo, Joseph A.M. Memorial Award$250Business
Carbary, Sandra B. Memorial Award$270Education
Carpenter, Ruth Edwards Memorial Award$8,000Science
Casbarro, Ralph J. Sports Award$110Athletics
Castiglione, Mark $942Telecommunications
Cefaratti, Philip Thomas and Mary Pace Memorial Award$114Education
Condie, Vicki Cook Nursing Excellence Award$200Nursing
Cool, Thomas and Eloise Memorial Award$478Outstanding Graduate
Court, Sue Memorial Award$195Outstanding Graduate
Daum, John A. Memorial Scholarships$553Mathematics
Dove, Barbara Memorial Award$386Nursing
Eastern Shore Associates Insurance Award$1,000Business
Everett, Fred M. and Ora H. Awards$500Citizenship
Fama, Claire E. and Frank A. Memorial Awards$437Outstanding Graduate
Foundation Memorial Award$500Scholastic Achievement
Ganey, Joseph P. and Elizabeth J. Business Award$500Business
George, Harry W. and Dorothy J. Award$674.01Outstanding Graduate
Harrington Business Award$323Business
Hornburg, Walter W. and Mabel C. Award$500Outstanding Graduate
Karpinski Sr., Honey and Dr. Joseph F. Award$500Science
Karpinski, John Memorial Award$874Science
Kennedy, Samuel V. and Marion B. Memorial Award$590Outstanding Graduate
Kent, Ruth Kimball Memorial English Award$790English
Knaul, Richard J. and Barbara D. Award$1,011Science
Komanecky, William Memorial Science Award$1,000Science
Leszczynski, Raymond F. Memorial Award$500Science
Mahlstedt Sr., J. Richard Memorial Award$281Liberal Arts
Mapes, Ethyl W. Memorial Nursing Awards$256Nursing
Mathematics Excellence Award$206Mathematics
Metcalf, Elizabeth B. Memorial Awards$1,267Outstanding Graduate
Michaels, Lena S. Memorial Award$212Education
Miele/Fama Leadership Award$100Outstanding Graduate
Moore, Virginia K. Choral Award$442Liberal Arts
Painter, William J. Memorial Awards$200Nursing
Phi Theta Kappa, Dean Norman F. Bourke Memorial Award$100Outstanding Graduate
Radio Advisors Award$100Telecommunications
Rooker, Dorothy M. Award$387Nursing
Ryan, Patrick G. Memorial Award$382Athletics
Schwartz, Goldye Jean Memorial Award$306Scholastic Achievement
Sincerbeaux, Dr. George Pediatric Scholarship$750Nursing
Stapleton, Anne I. Award$224Science
Stapleton, Dr. Thomas D. and Wilhelmina Meagher Award$250Liberal Arts
Stapleton, John E. Award$224Business
Steenburgh, Thomas F. Memorial Award$1,638Outstanding Graduate
Taylor, Wilfred $131Nursing
Telcom Audio Production Award$100Telecommunications
Telcom Faculty Award$100Telecommunications
Trustees' Memorial Award$225Outstanding Graduate
Vargason, Shirley Memorial Award$214Nursing
Ward, Herbert P. Memorial Award$603Nursing
Worden, Joan Post Memorial Scholarships$806Nursing
Wride, Michael C. Memorial Award$426Science
Young, Jean Sturges and David Aidan Memorial Awards$438Outstanding Graduate