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Scholarship Amounts and Recipient Selectors



Academic Discipline Scholarships: Nursing

Scholarship NameScholarship AmountRecipient Selected By
Alfieri & McColgin Nursing Excellence Scholarship$500Nursing Faculty
Babiarz, Claudine B. Memorial Scholarship$426Nursing Faculty
Cayuga County Medical Society Scholarship$250Financial Aid
Gallager, Anne Drancsak Memorial Scholarship$4,006Nursing Faculty
Karpinski, Honey & Dr. Joseph F. Sr. Memorial Scholarship$2,808Financial Aid
Mahany, Maureen Memorial Scholarship$347Freshmen Nursing Class
McGohan, Nancy Memorial Nursing Scholarship$400Nursing Faculty
McQueeney, Elizabeth Payne Memorial Scholarships$986Nursing Faculty
Nursing Scholarships$1,000Financial Aid
Pine, Joseph W. and Margaret G. Memorial Scholarship$1,056Nursing Faculty
Rooker, Linda A. Nursing Scholarship$250Nursing Faculty
Seymour, Nataline Dulles Memorial Scholarship$1,010Nursing Faculty
Socci, Katie M. Memorial Scholarship$1,000Nursing Faculty
Stephen, Josephine A. Memorial Nursing Scholarship$816Nursing Faculty
Taylor, Brandi and Tammi Jones Memorial Scholarships$250Nursing Faculty
Wetherby, John M. & Marjorie D. Scholarship$994Nursing Faculty
White, Lisa A. McLoud Memorial Scholarship$448Nursing Faculty
Wiggins Sr., Thomas James Memorial Scholarship$500Nursing Faculty

* FAFSA required. For details, see How to Apply for Financial Aid.