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Circulation Policies

All registered students, faculty, administrators and staff of Cayuga Community College, as well as alumni and residents of Cayuga/Oswego counties, who are 18 years of age and older, are permitted to borrow materials from the Library. Students and faculty enrolled in or teaching classes of the Auburn/Cayuga programs of Empire State College and students and faculty of Wells College are also eligible to borrow materials from the collection. Under certain conditions, students enrolled at other SUNY colleges are permitted to borrow materials under the University's Open Access program. In each case, a current Cayuga library card must be presented in order to borrow materials.

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Library Cards

All patrons are issued library cards at the Circulation Desk at the time of their initial transaction. CCC students should present a current College photo ID. Students enrolled in the Auburn/Cayuga programs of Empire State College, Wells College and other SUNY colleges must present a valid college ID card. Faculty from these institutions must present proof of current affiliation.

Verification of current address is also required. All patrons other than CCC students and personnel must present proof of current address before a library card can be issued.

A library card can remain in use for an indefinite period, but must be validated annually. Lost cards should be reported at the Circulation Desk as soon as possible. A charge is made for the replacement of lost library cards.

Each patron is responsible for all library materials charged against his/her library card. Persons are urged, therefore, not to lend their library cards to others. The Library staff reserves the right to require positive identification if he/she suspects that a library card is being used illegally.

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Loan Periods

Collection Loan Period
Audio Books 3 weeks
Circulating Periodicals 2 days
General Books 3 weeks
Music CDs 3 weeks
Reserve Materials As requested by faculty member
Videos/DVDs 2 days
Bound Periodicals, Reference, Indexes, and Local History materials Items do not circulate

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Most materials, unless otherwise noted, are renewable for the specified loan period. Renewals may be made in person or by telephone. Materials on which there is a hold cannot be renewed under any circumstances.

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If materials desired by a patron are in circulation, a hold may be placed, either at the Circulation Desk, by phone, or through the online catalog. When the materials are available, the patron will be notified. Items will be held for five days  Holds may not be place on materials in the Reserve collection.

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Patron Loan Privileges

Patrons may borrow a variety of items up to a total number of items at a time. The total number of items borrowed may not exceed the maximum number listed below. Each format, however, also has an individual maximum limit, which could be included as part of the totalAlthough borrowing limits exist, no one patron should completely exhaust the Library's collections on a given subject.

Patron Category Maximum for All Items Borrowed Circulating Books and Periodicals Audio Books Music CDs Videos/DVDs Reserve Items
Cayuga Students 20 20 1 3 2 2
Cayuga Employees 20 20 1 3 2 2
Alumni 7 7 1 3 2 0
SUNY Open Access Students 10 10 1 3 2 0
Reciprocal Borrowers 10 10 1 3 2 0
County Residents 5 5 1 3 2 0

The Library’s Interlibrary Loan service is not available to community resident patrons. ILL privileges are restricted to Cayuga’s students (including SUNY Open Access and Empire State College students), alumni, faculty and staff.

Note: The library reserves the right to withdraw borrowing privileges from any patron who has outstanding obligations over and above what is considered reasonable and customary. (Please see LIBRARY OBLIGATIONS.)

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Fees and Charges


The Library charges fines for items returned past their due dates. A circulating item fine (books, videos/DVD, CDs, and audio books) is ten cents per day for each day the library is open past the due date. A two-day grace period is observed, however. Fines for Interlibrary Loan items are calculated at $1.00 per day. College employees do not incur fines.

Replacement Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials

Damaged materials for which a patron is responsible are those materials that are returned in a damaged condition that is deemed to be the result of patron negligence. Damage that is the result of normal "wear and tear" is not the responsibility of the patron.

  • Books: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged book will be determined by using the retail price or comparable vendor resource. A $5 processing and reorder fee per book is added to this charge.
  • Books (Rebinding Fee): If only the binding of a book is damaged and the text is in good condition, a rebinding fee of $7 per book is charged. This charge is in lieu of a replacement charge.
  • Periodicals: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged periodical will be $8 per issue. A $3 processing and reorder fee per issue is added to this charge.
  • Music CDs and Other Audio Recording: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged CD or audio recording will be $15 unless a current replacement price can be determined. A $5 processing and reorder fee per item is added to this charge.
  • Audio Books: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged CD or audio recording will be $35 unless a current replacement price can be determined. A $5 processing and reorder fee per item is added to this charge.
  • Videocassettes/DVDs: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged videocassette/DVD will be $24 each for feature films and $50 each for educational films, unless a current replacement price can be determined. A $5 processing and reorder fee per item will be added to this charge.
  • Out-of-Print Materials: If the availability of materials cannot be determined and, therefore, the price of an item is not known, the materials are considered out-of-print. Normally, a uniform replacement charge of $30 will be made. A $5 processing and reorder fee per item is added to this charge.
  • Interlibrary Loan Materials: The replacement charge for a lost or damaged Interlibrary Loan item is determined by the lending library. A $5 processing and reorder charge per item is added to this charge. If the lending library does not establish a replacement charge, Cayuga's replacement charge policy will be used.
  • Library Cards: The replacement charge for lost library cards is $3. A new card will be issued at no charge when the old one shows excessive wear due to normal use or in the case of a name change.

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Service Charges

Interlibrary Loan Services: As a rule, there is no charge for interlibrary loan materials. If the lending library imposes a charge, the CCC Library reserves the right to pass on the charge to the patron.

Photocopies: Printed copies using the Library's photocopying machine are 10 cents per copy.

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Refunds for Lost Material Charges

Replacement Charges for Lost Materials: If a patron has paid for lost materials and the materials are later found and returned, the replacement charge will be refunded provided the materials are returned within 90 days of the payment. Processing and reorder fees will not be refunded.

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Library Obligations

When unpaid fines/fees exceed $2.50 or when a patron has an overdue items, the patron will not be permitted to borrow or renew materials until the obligation is satisfied. Grades and copies of a college transcript will also be withheld until obligations are satisfied.  

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