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College Theatre Brings on Halloween with Love Stories to Die For

DATE: 10-23-2003

Harlequin Productions of Cayuga Community College will present its fall production, Dying for Love, October 23?25 and October 30?November 1 at 8:00 p.m. in the college theatre. Directed and produced by Robert M. Frame, the evening consists of three one-act thrillers.

The production opens with “The Corn Huskers,” by Lawrence F. Schwabacher, a tale of two young urban couples who retreat to the countryside for a relaxing weekend and what one pair plans as the ultimate practical joke. The suspense-driven plot delivers moments of sheer terror and a surprise ending, with a cast featuring Susan Key, Nick Pote, John Ruzicka and Valerie Snyder.

Troy Tradup's “Chuckling in Limbo” follows. This haunting adult version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel delves into twisted memories, insanity and incest in a portrayal of young adult twins who live with their stepmother. The cast includes Lynn Boyle as Gretel, Michael Engler as Hansel, and Nichole VanDoren as Muti, the stepmother.

The final one-act of the evening brings two scheming lovers together through deceit and self-delusion. A clever narrator traces the myriad twists and turns of “Undertones” by Roberto Prestogiacomo, a suspenseful tale of deception. The bizarre love triangle features Brian Chalupnicki as David, Rebecca Murray as Heather, and Adam Smith as the narrator. Tickets for Harlequin's evening of suspense will be available at the door at $4 for general admission and $1 for students with IDs. The production contains mature situations and language. Further information is available at 315-255-1743, extension 2340.