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Cayuga CC Media Students Receive Awards, Scholarships

DATE: 05-14-2009

At its annual Awards Banquet and Screening on May 6, 2009, Cayuga's Telecommunications Department announced its year-end awards and scholarships for students in the broadcasting and e-media degree programs:

Scholarships and Service Awards

  • Society of Broadcast Engineers Scholarships: Chano Sanchez, Ryan Warner
  • Telcom Faculty Award for Service to the Telecommunications Department: Chano Sanchez, Ryan Warner
  • Diane Rutherford Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to WDWN: Joe Koziol, Natasha King
  • Communicator Award for Service to the Telcom Department: Sam Demarco, Shaun Secaur, Kelsey Brown
  • Communicator Award for Service to WDWN: Mike Speck

Video Production Awards

  • Best Video Production of the Year
  • Winner: Prayers for No Rain - Chano Sanchez, John Baulick, Shaun Secaur. Finalists: Already Gone - Tim Harris, Joe Koziol, Matt Lupien; This Art Is Suicide - Chano Sanchez, John Baulick
  • Best Director (tie): Chano Sanchez, Matt Lupien
  • Best Music Video: Already Gone - Tim Harris, Joe Koziol, Matt Lupien. Finalists: Just Dance - Matt Ramish, Jessica Graszko, Natasha King; This Art Is Suicide - Chano Sanchez, John Baulick
  • Best PSA/Commercial: Chaotic Evil - Matt Lupien, Tim Harris. Finalists: Cayuga Commercial - Malcolm Hill, Mark Darling, Katelyn Petrocci; Belts - Chano Sanchez, Travis Summerville, Jessica Graszko; Crime Prevention - Mike Speck, Natasha King, Mark Nowak
  • Best Informational Video: Subcat Studios - Matt Lupien, Tim Harris
  • Best Experimental Video: A Nightmare - Sam DeMarco, Christian Darrow
  • Best Comedy: Intervention - Andy Brown, Mark Darling. Finalists: Easy Block - Matt Ramish; South Dakota Spoof - Ryan Warner, Travis Summerville
  • Best Writing: Intervention - Andy Brown, Mark Darling

College Radio Awards

  • Best On-Air Personality: Diane Ruhl, Jon Schlegel, Alex Lewis
  • Golden Voice: Allie Leogrande, Scott Weaver, Jessica Graszko
  • Best Night Shows: Kevin Cool, Kelsey Brown
  • Best Morning Drive Show: Matt Poorman
  • Best Tag Team: Alyssa "Latte" Lalonde and Brittney "Mocha" Bigness