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Cayuga CC Telcom Student Awards Announced

DATE: 05-18-2010

At the annual Telcom Banquet and Screening on May 5, 2010, Cayuga's Telecommunications Department announced its 2010 awards for students in the broadcasting and e-media degree programs:

Scholarships and Service Awards

  • Society of Broadcast Engineers Scholarships: Yovi Langleib, Shaun Secaur
  • Mark Castiglione Commencement Award for Contributions to the Department: Alex Johnson, Shaun Secaur
  • Telecommunications Faculty Award for Service to the Department: Travis Summerville, Joe Koziol
  • Diane Rutherford Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to WDWN Radio: Yovi Langleib
  • Communicator Award for Service to the Department: Kelsey Brown, Benn Keeler, Colin Drayer, Paula Pickreign, Chris Darrow, Natasha Lathrop
  • WDWN Service Award: Scott Weaver, Alex Lewis

Production Awards

  • Best Video Production of the Year: Living Doll Hell - Yovi Langleib, Sean Conway, Mandy Mackin, Bobby Mitchell
  • Best Director: Yovi Langleib
  • Best Script: Cruisin for Bruiser - Mike Winsor, Bridget McNally, Kevin Ridlon
  • Best Video Editor: Mike Winsor
  • Best Comedy: (Winner) Geek B Gone - Britney Bigness, Natasha Lathrop, Mandy Mackin; (Finalist) Brit Away - Alex Lewis, Walt Grosvenor, Srdjan Rackov; (Finalist) Swine Flu - Kevin Ridlon, Bridget McNally, Scott Weaver, Mike Winsor
  • Best Commercial: (Winner) Guiseppe's Pizza - Yovi Langleib, Mandy Mackin, Sean Conway; (Finalist) GMC Truck - Alex Johnson, Deion Herring, Mike Reyes, Dustin Young
  • Best Informational Video: (Winner) Skaneateles Welcomes You - Greg Wilkins, Matt Poorman, Dave Elmer; (Finalist) Jablunative - Kevin Ridlon, Bridget McNally, Mike Winsor, Scott Weaver
  • Best Music Video: (Winner) The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Dustin Young, Alex Johnson; (Finalist) Living Doll Hell - Yovi Langleib, Sean Conway, Mandy Mackin; (Finalist) Buoyancy Stir Up the Gravy - Kevin Ridlon, Bridget McNally, Mike Winsor, Britney Bigness
  • Best Public Service Announcement: Cayuga Telcom - John Schlegel, Joe Prue, Terry Jolly
  • Excellence in Audio Production: Alex Johnson
  • Excellence in Music Production: Paula Pickreign, Dustin Young, Jon Jacobs

College Radio Awards

  • Best On-Air Personality: Mike Cappelletti
  • Golden Voice: Ryan Parlo, Alex Conn
  • Go-To Guy: Adam Nelson
  • Best Team: Gussie Mull, Britni Gallo
  • Best Metal Show: Tom Guereschi
  • Best Production: Yovi Langleib
  • Best Board Op: Joe Koziol
  • Jeff Sez Award - Fave DJ: Jayde Nord