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Cayuga's Harelquin Production Spring show, When I Come to My Senses, I'm Alive, explores a future society and digital emotions March 17-19, 24-26 in the Bisgrove Theatre

DATE: 03-14-2011

What if you could strap a helmet on your head and replay your favorite emotions whenever you wanted? What kind of new issues could arise in society where human emotion has been converted into a digitized commodity?

Cayuga Community College's Harlequin Productions will explore these questions in their upcoming production of Scotto Moore's When I Come to My Senses, I'm Alive! The play begins at 8 p.m. and runs the weekends of March 17-19 and 24-26 at the Irene A. Bisgrove Community Theatre, 197 Franklin St., Auburn. Tickets are $5 for general admission and $1 for students.

Directed and produced by Bob Frame, the play is a near-future science fiction story about Annique (played by Alicia Frame of Skaneatles), a technological artist who invents a method for capturing emotions as digital information, as part of a project to "chart the emotional genome." But publishing her emotions for all to see has some unexpected consequences.

Aleister Rowland (played by John Murphy of Cato), a seedy but determined television producer, uses every means possible to get his hands on Annique's work. Annique may have bigger problems though, when her clips bring a new kind of artificial intelligence to the world.

The cast also includes Dylan Thompson of Seneca Falls as Mickey, the hardware genius behind Annique's process; Rachael Bodner of Auburn as Veronica Billious, a private investor; Joe Prue of Auburn as Whisper, quality assurance crew member for Annique's clips; Tarin Bonvino of Moravia as Monica, the second member of the quality assurance crew; Ciara Hirsch of Auburn as Emily, Aleister's secretary; and Kenny Baker of Romulus as Cody Charles, a famous albeit none-too-bright TV star.

The stage director is Taylor Hildreth, and is assisted by Caryl Frame. Robert John Andrusko developed the set design, Allison Fennessy is the costume designer, and Brad McLean conceived the lighting design. Other production and stage crew members are Lizzy Fennessy, Michael Smith, Joe Campanella, and Carole Estabrook. Adam Williams designed the posters.

For tickets and more information, contact Bob Frame at or 315-294-8640.