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Prom Dress Project Raises $2,100, Providing Service to Local Girls and Supporting Local Charities

DATE: 04-19-2011

This spring, the Cayuga Community College Tutor Clubs of Auburn and Fulton hosted the Prom Dress Project, a charitable initiative that offers donated, gently used prom dresses to high school girls for a discounted price. This year, students sold approximately 110 prom dresses, ranging in price from free to $30, and raised $2,100 between the two sales.

Despite a snowstorm and icy roads, the Auburn Campus Tutor Club was able to sell approximately 50 dresses during its two-day sale in early March. The club has decided to donate the $1,000 it raised to Lunches with Love at Holy Family Church in Auburn.

“I work with such a wonderful group of dedicated tutors,” said Auburn Tutorial Coordinator Teresa Hoercher, advisor of the Tutor Club. “They are outstanding students, and they care about the college and the community.” Hoercher said she was pleased with the support the club received from local media who also helped promote the event.  

The remaining dresses were sent on to the Fulton Campus for the Fulton Tutor Club’s first-ever sale. The 15 Tutor Club members sold more than 60 dresses and brought in $1,100. The club has decided to divide the money and donate it to the Salvation Army in Fulton and in Oswego.

“Many young women were very excited about the dresses and the parents were pleased with the cost, which made the project worthwhile and one that we would like to continue annually,” said Fulton Campus Tutorial Coordinator Michelle McGrath, advisor of the Tutor Club. “As the project gains momentum and awareness, we are hopeful donations and sales will increase. Everyone benefits from an event like this—prom dress recipients, the public who rely on the Salvation Armies, and the dedicated and caring students and staff at CCC, who want to make a difference in the community. All of these factors are what makes this fundraising event a good fit at the College.”

The Prom Dress Project received funding to purchase the hanging racks for the dresses from the Kauffman Foundation-supported Enitiative, a coalition of committed academic and community partners to incorporate entrepreneurship throughout Central New York.