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Chance to win Wegmans gift cards at Club Hell this weekend

DATE: 03-22-2012

Harlequin Productions of Cayuga Community College is presenting the world premiere of Club Hell tonight through Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Bisgrove Community Theatre, 197 Franklin St., Auburn. Tickets are $1 for students and $5 for General Admission, and they are available at the door.

At the end of each performance there will be a Wegman’s Gift Card presented to the winning ticket holder:

  • $25 on Thursday,
  • $50 on Friday, and
  • $100 on Saturday

One chance for the Gift Card will be offered for every admission purchased. Only one ticket per person and you must be present to win!!

Club Hell opens with two marketers, Terry Fire and Jack Brimstone, preparing a Super Bowl ad campaign that will sell MegaTar Cigarettes to the unsuspecting public. However, as they speed down the New Jersey Turnpike, fate steps in and they crash and wake up in Hell. Being marketers, they decide to sell the Devil on a new way suffer eternal torment: take a vacation at Club Hell!

The Cayuga student cast of Club Hell is having a great time preparing this comedy for the audience and award-winning Director Bob Frame has spent many an hour talking with the playwrights, fine-tuning the script for what promises to be an enjoyable evening.

For further information contact, Bob Frame at or call 315-255-1743 ext. 2340.