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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2011

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday,
July 20, 2011, in the Business Industry Center, James T. Walsh Regional Economic Center on the Auburn Campus.


  • Mr. John M. Camardo
  • Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
  • Hon. George C. Fearon
  • Mr. John A. Karpinski
  • Ms. Pamela S. Kirkwood
  • Mr. Stanley J. Kott
  • Dr. Linda P. Van Buskirk


  • Dr. Daniel P. Larson, President
  • Anne J. Herron, Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
  • Diane L. Hutchinson, Vice President of Administration & Treasurer
  • Maggie Killoran, Associate Vice President/Dean of the Fulton Campus
  • Cheryl A. Anderson, Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Robert M. Frame, Director of Theatre Operations/President A/P Group
  • Pete Liddell, Director of Athletics
  • Margaret Spillett, Director of Public Relations and Institutional Communications
  • Scott Whalen, Director of Human Resources
  • Karin Green, JMZ Architects and Planners, PC
  • Robert Joy, President, JMZ Architects and Planners, PC
  • Justin Murphy, Reporter from The Citizen
  • Steve Scaramuzzino, Olympus Brokerage
  • Carolyn L. Guariglia, Board Stenographer

Mr. Camardo called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Robert Joy, President, JMZ Architects and Planners, LLC gave an overview of the Musical Theatre building project and took questions from the Board. Karin Green, Principal, JMZ Architects and Planners, LLC gave an overview of the Fulton Expansion at River Glen and took questions from the Board.


  • None



Mr. Camardo presented the Consent Agenda which consisted of the June 22, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes, the June 2010 Budget Statement, June 2011 Budget Statement, the June 2011 Monthly Bills totaling $1,202,485.91, the 2010-2011 Stipend Lists #22, #23 totaling $430,828.5.

Motion to accept and approve the Consent Agenda made by Ms. Bowen, seconded by Ms. Kirkwood.

Motion carried following unanimous voice vote. (Appended 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)



Mr. Camardo stated that he would be making committee appointments soon.

3.1 Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Kott announced that the Dormitory Committee will be traveling to ESF to view their newly built student housing complex at S.U. We have had expressions of interest from Citizen's Bank as well as BB& T with regard to financing. Mr. Kott received a call from an engineer who designed TC3 and SUNY Cortland. Dr. Van Buskirk would like to see a more formal commitment to "green".

3.2 Finance

3.3 Personnel

Mr. Edwards presented the following personnel items and moved their approval.

3.3.1 Cayuga Community College Compensation Program:

This item was pulled from the agenda until legal representation can review the document.

3.3.2 Faculty Appointment:

RESOLVED, that Christopher G. Darcy, of 52 Clark Crest Drive, Phoenix, NY be appointed to the 10-month tenure-track faculty position of Instructor of Biology at the Fulton Campus at an annual salary of $54,241 effective August 31, 2011.

Motion seconded by Ms. Bowen and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.



4.1 President's Report

4.1.1 President:

Dr. Larson stated the Trustees received a copy of his activities for June/July and gave the following President's report:

  • Enrollment - Year-to-date we are at 99.9% of the annual goal.
  • Summer 2011 FTE to date equals 115% of Summer 2010 FTE.
  • The number of Fall 2011 registered students is 2,700.
  • Applications are lagging behind.

4.1.2 Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs:

Vice President Herron and Associate Vice President Rosenthal gave the following report:

  • Dr. Herron commented that she recently attended a conference in San Diego, CA., where over 14,000 participated from all over the world. It is where CCC was honored with a Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award. VP Herron stated that she was truly inspired coming away from the conference.
  • Professor Steve Keeler recently completed writing and creating the instructor resource materials and ancillary resources for the 5th edition of the Video Production Handbook, to be released in fall 2011. He also completed the resources and ancillaries for the 4th edition of the Video Production and for the expanded version: Television Production - 14th edition.

4.1.3 Vice President of Administration:

Vice President Hutchinson gave the following highlights from her report:

  • VP Hutchinson stated that her July report consisted of documents prepared for the Cayuga County Legislators as part of the 2011-2012 budget approval process.

4.1.4 Foundation Executive Director:

  • No report.

4.1.5 Fulton Associate Vice President:

Associate Vice President Killoran gave the following report:

  • Update on the JMZ Architect sessions with Fulton employees.
  • Breakdown of sections offered in Summer Session II.

4.1.6 Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

  • No Report.

4.1.7 Deans: Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development:

  • No Report. Dean of Enrollment and Retention:

Dean Anderson gave the following report:

  • An update on the international studies aboard to India. Hopefully a contingent will be going to India in October to sign the MOU. Active recruitment with the first students on campus in 2012. They will be residing in Lattimore Hall. Dean of Technology:

  • No Report

4.1.8 Student Trustee:

  • No report





6.1 NYCCT Annual Membership 2011-2012

Motion made by Ms. Kirkwood to renew membership in the New York Community College Trustees, seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

6.2 Naming of Downtown Theatre

This item will need to go to the Building and Grounds Committee for their review.



  • Communication item were noted.



  • Information items were noted.



  • Mr. Camardo announced that the Board needed to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss purchase of property and contract negotiations.
  • Motion to adjourn into Executive Session made by Ms. Kirkwood, seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried by unanimous voice vote. The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 6:10 p.m.
  • At 7:12 p.m. a motion was made by Mr. Edwards to return to Regular Session, seconded by Mrs. Bowen and carried unanimously.



  • Mr. Edwards moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried by unanimous voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:13 p.m.


Recorded and transcribed by:

  • Carolyn L. Guariglia
    Board Stenographer

Respectfully submitted:

  • Stanley J. Kott, Secretary
    Board of Trustees