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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for April 25, 2012

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday, April 25, 2012, in the Business Industry Center, James T. Walsh Regional Economic Center on the Auburn Campus.


  • Mrs. Jane Bowen
  • Mr. John M. Camardo
  • Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
  • Hon. George C. Fearon
  • Mr. John J. Klink
  • Mr. Stanley J. Kott
  • Dr. Linda P. Van Buskirk
  • Mr. Byron Wall


  • Mr. John A. Karpinski


  • Dr. Daniel P. Larson, President
  • Diane L. Hutchinson, Vice President of Administration & Treasurer
  • Jeffrey L. Hoffman, Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Jeffrey E. Rosenthal, Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
  • Cheryl Anderson-Lindsay, Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Carla DeShaw, Dean of Community Education & Workforce Development
  • Robert M. Frame, Director of Theatre Operations/President A/P Group
  • Pete Liddell, Director of Athletics
  • Dawn Matijas-Cozolowski, Associate Professor
  • William Prosser, Associate Professor/Faculty Association Representative
  • Margaret Spillett, Director of Public Relations and Institutional Communications
  • Christie Waters, Associate Professor/Division Chair
  • Scott Whalen, Director of Human Resources
  • Elizabeth Cole, Guest
  • Carolyn L. Guariglia, Secretary to the Board

Mr. Camardo called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.




Mr. Camardo presented the Consent Agenda which consisted of the March 21, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes, the March 2011 Budget Statement, March 2012 Budget Statement, the March 2012 Monthly Bills totaling $1,458,674.01, the 2011-2012 Stipend Lists #16, #17, totaling $193,995.95.

Motion to accept and approve the Consent Agenda made by Dr. Van Buskirk, seconded by Mr. Fearon.

Motion carried following unanimous voice vote. (Appended 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)


3.1 Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Kott stated that the Student Housing Committee is a sub-committee of Building and Grounds and asked Dr. Larson to give a report.

President Larson stated that RFP is in its final revision and will be ready to go out by the end of April or very early May. Mr. Kott asked that the RFP be forwarded to the Student Housing Committee. Dr. Larson stated that he will forward the RFP to Mr. Kott and he can then forward to the Committee.

Mr. Camardo asked that a meeting with neighbors along Prospect Street be arranged to let them know what the intentions are of the College with regards to student housing.

3.2 Finance

Mr. Kott reported that he met with Vice President Hutchinson regarding the budget. The College will be facing a tuition increase. State aid has been reduced by 20% the last few years. Mr. Kott would like to meet some time the week of June 4 to go over the budget, with a vote at the June 20th Board meeting.

3.3 Personnel

Mr. Edwards presented the following personnel items and moved their approval.

3.3.1 Civil Service Appointment:

RESOLVED, that Glen Warner of 293 Bartnick Road, King Ferry, NY be appointed to the position of Building Maintenance person at an annual salary of $37,875, effective May 1, 2012. This position is currently vacant due to a retirement.

Motion seconded by Mr. Klink and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

3.3.2 Civil Service Appointment:

RESOLVED, that Richard Boylan of 331 Lawrence Avenue, North Syracuse, NY be appointed from a Cayuga County Civil Service Commission certified list to the permanent position of Custodian at an annual salary of $33,224, effective May 1, 2012. This position was held by Glenn Warner who was appointed to Building Maintenance person.

Motion seconded by Mr. Fearon and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

3.3.3 2012-2013 Faculty Promotion(s):

In compliance with Article XI, Section Seven, of the 2004-2011 Contract between the Board of Trustees of Cayuga County Community College and Cayuga County Community College Faculty Association, the following individuals are recommended for promotion:

  • Susan K. Gilmore Associate Professor/Science
  • Dawn M. Matijas Associate Professor/Business
  • Loraine Miller Associate Professor/Business
  • William A. Prosser Associate Professor/Business
  • Shannon M. Reohr Associate Professor/Mathematics
  • Kelley E. Rowley Associate Professor/English

RESOLVED, that effective September 1, 2012, Susan Gilmore, Dawn Matijas, Loraine Miller, William Prosser, Shannon Reohr, and Kelley Rowley be promoted to the rank of PROFESSOR.

Motion seconded by Mr. Klink and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.

3.3.4 2012-2013 Faculty Promotion(s)

In compliance with Article XI, Section Seven, of the 2004-2011 Contract between the Board of Trustees of Cayuga County Community College and Cayuga County Community College Faculty Association, the following individuals are recommended for promotion:

  • Sara E. Davenport Assistant Professor/Library
  • Paul J. Nolan Assistant Professor/English
  • Eric A. Zizza Assistant Professor/Student Development

RESOLVED, That effective September 1, 2012, Sara E. Davenport, Paul J. Nolan, and Eric Z. Zizza be promoted to the rank of ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR.

Motion seconded by Ms. Bowen and carried following unanimous roll-call vote.


4.1 President's Report

4.1.1 President

Dr. Larson stated the Trustees received a copy of his activities for March/April and gave the following President's report:

  • Enrollment is on track to reach our goal; it is tracking 98-99%. A meeting will take place this week to project enrollment for 2012-2013.
  • Under the direction of Associate Professor, Dawn Matijas, the CA$H Program filed 811 tax returns, which was a 10% increase over last year. There was $1.4 million in refunds for Cayuga County residents. Accounting students act as tax preparers for that program under the direction of Associate Professor Matijas and we owe her a great deal for her work with this program.
  • A delegation of 4 people traveled to India to meet with officials at several universities. Agreements have been reached with two universities in Central India. Staff and faculty will be coming here in June and August. We are working with Wells College on a 2+2 transfer articulation agreement.

4.1.2 Vice President of Academic and Student Affair

In Vice President Herron in conjunction with Associate Vice President Rosenthal gave the following report.

  • Part of Dr. Herron and Associate Vice President Rosenthal's report was a presentation by Division Chair/Associate Professor Christie Waters. Ms. Waters, Chair, of the Program Development Committee, gave a short report on the progress and work that the Committee has done so far.

4.1.3 Vice President of Administration

Vice President Hutchinson gave the following report:

  • Met with Trustee Kott and worked with him through the revenue process.
  • The library elevator needs repair and is currently not operating. Quotes have been received and will be brought to the Building and Grounds Committee for their approval so that work can begin this summer.

4.1.4 Foundation Executive Director

Executive Director Hoffman highlighted the following from his report:

  • Mr. Hoffman indicated that he just left his Foundation Board meeting and asked Trustees to make a request of the Foundation.

4.1.5 Fulton Associate Vice President:

Associate VP Killoran's report was distributed.

4.1.6 Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

Associate Vice President Rosenthal reported the following:

  • The Faculty Student Association has approved the Barnes and Noble proposal to run the bookstore on both campuses.
  • The FSA is also pursuing Subway to run the food service on the Auburn campus.

4.1.7 Deans Dean of Community Education and Workforce Development

Dean DeShaw highlighted her report:

  • The Kids Camp brochure will has gone out and the program will be extended from one week to four weeks. This is still a pilot program.
  • Preparing for Cayuga to be the host for the Literacy Zone Summit that will be held in May. Dean of Enrollment and Retention

Dean Anderson-Lindsay gave the following highlights from her report:

  • Applications from fall 2012 are 30% above last year's fall applications at the same time period. The 30% represents new applications.
  • A summary of the trip to India was made with questions from the Trustees. Dean of Technology

No Report.

4.1.8 Student Trustee

Trustee Wall gave the following report:

  • Mr. Wall expressed his appreciation to Dr. Herron and to the FSA for providing funds to travel to San Antonio for the National Leadership Conference for Phi Beta Lambda at the end of June. The students competed in a state level competition and have made it to Nationals. Business Professor Amy Valente will be traveling with the four students.
  • A blood drive will be held this week.
  • Elections for SGO officers will be taking place all this week.




6.1 ACCT (Association of Community College Trustees) Membership Renewal

Motion to approve the ACCT membership for 2012-2013 in the amount of $2,975.00 was made by Mr. Kott, seconded by Ms. Bowen and carried by unanimous roll-call vote.

Dr. Van Buskirk indicated that she would like to attend the ACCT conference in October.


Communication item were noted.


Information items were noted.


Mr. Camardo announced that the Board needed to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss purchase or lease of real property and labor negotiations.

Motion to adjourn into Executive Session made by Mr. Kott, seconded by Mr. Edwards and carried following unanimous voice vote.

The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 7:20 p.m.

At 8:09 p.m. a motion was made by Mr. Fearon to return to regular session, seconded by Ms. Bowen and carried unanimously.


Mr. Klink moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ms. Bowen and carried by unanimous voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 8:10p.m.


Recorded and transcribed by:
Carolyn L. Guariglia
Board Stenographer

Respectfully submitted:
Stanley J. Kott, Secretary
Board of Trustees