ok Josh Rogalski, Computer Help Desk Support at Cayuga Community College
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My name is Josh Rogalski, I'm 23, and I started working at Cayuga in 2007. That would be me below in the two pictures:

- Josh Rogalski -
Help Desk Support
Cayuga Community College
197 Franklin Street T331 Auburn, NY 13021
Extension 2868

Tragic I know. I have since the time of these pictures have upgraded to 3 flat screen LCD monitors, so don't be fooled when you come to visit, its still me. Now to fun stuff there comes with the hat a very funny story about philadelphia and a hat shop called "Hats in the Belfry", but back to business. So the story goes, I handle the computer support issues for the campus along with a few other people in my department. I work up in the datacenter aiding in support and management of the systems. I am very happy working here at Cayuga for the short time I have been here. If I haven't met you, please feel free to introduce yourself. I am extremely bad with names, but I get it after a while, so don't be offended if I forgot your name for a little while. I'd forget my own if I didn't embroider it to my shirts.

My Career in Networking
I am currently pursuing a BS in network administration. Ever since I started enjoying computer technology, networking has always been my strong point, and my knowledge grows greatly every day about the subject. If you would like to know more about network administration, network certification, or anything network related, please feel free to ask.
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