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Our Mission Statement

A campus community is a special place, its dual mission of teaching and learning is aimed essentially at human development. Campuses have a long and valued tradition of openness with a maximum degree of freedom of expression and inquiry and a minimum of restriction. Developing a safe and secure environment where the quality of education may be achieved is the responsibility of the entire campus community. Within the campus community, the Office of Public Safety is committed to the leadership role in developing programs, methods and approaches to assist the college toward achieving a reasonably safe and secure environment.

The Office of Public Safety exists to support the goals of the college and to assist those who seek and impart knowledge, as well as those who provide support to the mission of the institution. TheOffice of Public Safety strives to provide an environment where diverse social culture and academic values may prosper and grow.

All members of the Office of Public Safety are expected to be sensitive to the unique nature of the college community and realize that they serve to assist the institution in the achievement of our goals. It is only through our collective efforts that our mission will be accomplished.