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OpenCayuga WiFi Hot Spots

Wireless Internet Access Areas for Cayuga Campus

WiFi Hot Spots


About OpenCayuga, the Open Wireless Network

OpenCayuga is:

  • A wireless network that enables anyone to connect to the Internet using a notebook computer with a wireless network adapter.
  • A free service intended for the students, faculty, staff, and guests of Cayuga Community College.
  • Funded by the Technology Fee paid by Cayuga students.
  • Separate from Cayuga's internal network; the only College resources accessible from OpenCayuga are public resources such as Cayuga's web site.

OpenCayuga is an open, unsecured wireless network. This means that any unsecured data sent between your computer and the network is not automatically encrypted, and it is possible that someone could view it. Secure data, such as on web sites that begin with https, is encrypted before being sent by your computer, and is reasonably safe from eavesdropping.

Click here for more information on OpenCayuga wireless network.