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Office of College Communications
Jeff Rosenthal
Vice President, Student Affairs
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Karen Thomas-Lillie
Graphic Designer
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Adam Williams
Website Development
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Do you have a graphic design styleguide that I can follow?

Yes we do! If you plan on using the Cayuga logo or our branding please review our Cayuga Community College Brand Profile – Graphic Standards publication. This information has been designed and presented to ensure that the Cayuga Community College brand is marketed in an appropriate and consistent manner.

Brand positioning is a means to provide our internal and external teams with a common understanding of the goals of Cayuga Community College.

Within the context of our Graphic Standards the way we present our program materials, recruitment materials, internal and external publications etc, means our brand becomes part of our message.

When expressed visually all Cayuga Community College collateral – online and offline – should communicate one message and that message should encompass our brand mission, our brand personality, and our brand pillars.


Where can I get a copy of the College logo?

You can dowload the following CCC logo files. PLEASE use the following rules for usage:

  • No stretching the logo or distorting it
  • Only use the color logo on a WHITE background
  • Do not alter the logo in anyway
  • Do not only use parts of the logo – it must stay intact
  • THE LOGO IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Please be sure to use the ® symbol with the logo


Logo Files Example Image

Full Color Logo Files

College Logo Color

Solid Black Logo Files

College Logo Black