Students who have not had high school transcripts evaluated for transfer purposes to the United States by an organization such as WES, can utilize the following resources:


Upon receipt of your application and transcripts, your academic record will be evaluated and if high school equivalency is determined, you will be informed if English/Math placement testing is required.

Students, who have not previously earned college credit in English or Math, are highly encouraged to take the placement test prior to beginning their coursework at Cayuga. The placement test provides the information necessary to assure students are placed in the appropriate level college English and/or Math courses.


Following the submission of your application and the evaluation of your academic record, the Admissions Office will contact you regarding the process of taking the International Student Placement Test with essay. Students who pass the placement test will first participate in a 24 credit high school equivalency program, which is the equivalent of a United States high school education. This allows students to graduate with the desired degree from Cayuga Community College.

If you have had your high school transcripts evaluated for transfer purposes to the United States by an organization such as WES, and if high school equivalency is determined upon review, Cayuga offers the following process:


All new students (domestic and international), without transferable college credit in English and Mathematics (or completed high school calculus) must take a placement test to determine English and/or Math proficiency. The tests are designed to gauge your academic skill level in reading comprehension, understanding of sentence structure, mathematical skill, and overall writing ability, and take approximately 2 hours to complete. The tests are Internet based and can be taken at remote locations.

English and Math placement can also be determined via the International Student Placement Test.


  • If a student is unable to take the English/Math placement test or International Student Placement Test with essay on the Cayuga Community College campus, the test may be taken online. If taken online, the student must locate an appropriate testing environment and an acceptable Proctor. Proctors can be Educators, Teachers, Administrators, Managers, Counselors, or others in a position of responsibility willing to administer the test in a secure environment (quiet space with no distractions or interruptions) with access to a computer work station connected to the Internet. Examples include a Library, school, college or university, learning center or other educational setting. Unacceptable sites include, but are not limited to, a parent’s office, an Internet café, or a computer kiosk in a mall, airport or other public setting.
  • Students must contact Gabriela Lozanova in the Admissions Office by e-mailing or by phone (001) 315-294-8544 if planning to take the test online. In addition, an e-mail must be sent to with the following information: name of Proctor, job title, location of test administration, and Proctor’s e-mail address. The College will contact the Proctor to provide a secure web address for training and access to the testing website. The Proctor will contact the Admissions Office when the test has been administered.