Learning happens best in small group environments that enable you to work closely with instructors and peers, and with outstanding, passionate teachers.


  • You will NEVER sit in a classroom with more than 40 students.
  • The College’s student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. Most class sections have less than 20 students enrolled.
  • Small classes allow you to know your professor and build a personal connection. You will not be a nameless face in the class.
  • Small classes facilitate a more interactive experience; active learning strategies result in deeper learning.


  • You will NEVER find a teaching assistant or a graduate student teaching a Cayuga course.
  • Each faculty member meets or exceeds the College’s competency requirements. In fact, many have earned a doctorate in their respective discipline.
  • Our faculty are committed to being excellent teachers; faculty focus on teaching and learning rather than research.
  • When research IS part of the curriculum, the focus is on developing students’ understanding of research and the application of knowledge.