You are strongly encouraged to speak with your advisor prior to self-registration.

Don’t know your advisor? Log into myCayuga with your Username and Password. Click Student Services → Display Advisor Information.


To view the following PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader, a free download.


  • Log into myCayuga
  • Click Student Services → Student Records → Degree Evaluation
    If the degree listed is not correct, contact the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement to request a change of major.
  • Your degree evaluation is broken into several blocks that help you understand the degree requirements. The degree block will list your degree requirements. Students enrolled in an A.A. or A.S. program will see a section titled Gen Ed Requirements. These students must complete all Gen Ed Requirements to receive an A.A. or A.S. degree. Refer to the College Catalog for a list of approved Gen Ed courses.
  • Students matriculated in a program concentration will see a section for concentration requirements.
  • The legend at the bottom of the degree evaluation will help you to interpret and understand your degree evaluation. A green check mark next to a degree requirement means that the requirement has been met. A blue tilde (~) means the course or requirement is in progress. An empty check box means the course or requirement has not yet been met. Any of the blue hyperlinks can take you to more information. There are also notes within the degree evaluation that you should pay attention to when reviewing requirements.
  • Refer to the College Catalog for course descriptions and elective categories.


  • Log into myCayuga
  • Click Student Services → Registration → Add or Drop Classes
  • Select Term
  • Click Class Search
  • Search courses by subject, location, instructor, day or time
  • Choose courses to Add to Worksheet
  • Click Register


If you run into any of these issues, please contact the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement.

  • Pre-req/Test Score – the required prerequisites or test scores have not been met
  • Repeat – this course has already been taken and you received a passing grade
  • Duplicate – you are already registered for this course
  • Time Conflict – you have registered for a course at the same time
  • Closed Course – the course is full; you may choose to be added to the waitlist
  • Maximum Hours – you have exceeded the maximum number of credits allowed; if you wish to enroll in more than 19 credits, division chair approval is required (Spring and Fall semesters only)
  • Warning Message – One or more of your courses does not count toward your degree. Courses that are not required for your degree program are not eligible for financial aid. Click Registration Compliance Results to view courses not required for your degree program.
  • Click Student Services → Student Records → Student Detail Schedule for a copy of your schedule

Students must have at least 12 credits of Financial Aid Eligible Hours to receive full-time financial aid.