In order to provide students of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) the best possible service to help them succeed, EOP REQUIRES an autobiography from each student (to be completed and submitted to the EOP office before classes begin).

Please mail, email, or bring it to our offices whenever you are on campus. This information remains confidential and becomes part of your student file. It provides a way for your EOP Coach/Counselor and Director to get to know you better.

Cayuga student writing on his laptop with an academic tutor helping


Please use complete sentences and paragraphs to express your thoughts.

The outline below is a guide for your essay. You may choose to add or omit items in Part I, but please be sure to describe your educational experience (Part II), your goals (Part III), and how we may help you reach them (Part IV). One suggestion for organizing your essay – write one or two paragraphs for each of the 4 major headings listed in the outline. Type or print your essay using email or on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. Family and personal background
    1. Family members
    2. Your place in the family
    3. Your relationship with family members
    4. Family occupations and recreation activities
    5. Positive and negative family experiences
    6. Friends
  2. Education experience
    1. High school courses (and college courses if transferring to Cayuga CC)
    2. Teachers who affected your learning experience (good and bad)
    3. Subjects liked and disliked
    4. Accomplishments and challenges
    5. Academic strengths and weaknesses
    6. Extra-curricular activities (sports, jobs, etc.)
  3. Present plans and goals
    1. Why do you want to come to college? Who or what inspired you to want to further your education?
    2. Educational goals (degrees, schools, etc.)
    3. Career goals (occupation, specific job(s), general career)
    4. How will achieving your academic plans and goals assist you in giving back to your community?
    5. What is important to you? (What do you value?)
  4. The tools and resources required to reach your goals
    1. What services and support can EOP and Cayuga Community College provide to help you reach your goals and be successful during your college experience?
    2. What must you work on and overcome to be successful? (What could get in your way of being successful?)

Please bring or mail your completed essay to:

Educational Opportunity Program
Learning Commons, Room L220
Cayuga Community College
197 Franklin, Auburn, NY 13021

Or you can email your completed essay to:

Email: eop@cayuga-cc.edu