1. The Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement maintains a list of rental apartments and housing options that are available in the Auburn area. Property owners or managers (hereafter referred to as landlords) must complete and sign a Housing Information form, and in doing so agree to the following statements:
  • I certify that this accommodation is made available without restrictions based upon race, sex, religion, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation, or marital status. If the Director of Student Engagement finds a complaint of illegal discrimination in housing to be true, the landlord’s name and listing will be removed from the Housing List.
  • I understand that if a student becomes a tenant in these premises, Cayuga Community College assumes no obligation for damages or payment of rent, and that the College sanction will not be utilized to assure payment of financial obligations or to resolve differences between tenants and landlords.
  1. The College will place rental listings on the Off-Campus Housing page of the Cayuga Community College website after receiving written permission from the landlord.
  2. The Housing List is maintained as a service for students. The College assumes no obligation, either intended or implied, toward the landlord or tenant. The College takes no responsibility for approving off-campus housing, and is in no way involved in any consideration which might arise between the landlord and tenant. The College does not inspect, approve, or supervise the premises described and does not become a party to any private landlord/tenant matter.
  3. All properties must meet all local, State, and Federal Housing and Fire Codes. Any complaints regarding landlords or housing units will be maintained in a file by the Director of Student Engagement. Numerous or serious complaints may result in the landlord’s removal from the list. Any suspected code violations or violations of Federal, State, or local laws will be reported to the appropriate enforcement agency. Attempts will be made to notify the landlord of complaints or removal from the list, but the College reserves the right to remove a landlord from the list before notification. A property that is removed from the list due to code violation complaints will not be re-listed until the landlord provides the Director of Student Engagement with written proof that the property meets housing code requirements.
  4. The College encourages both landlords and tenants to know and exercise their rights and responsibilities. The College assumes no responsibility for landlord or tenant behavior or violations of Federal, State, or local laws.