Cayuga courses taught at local high schools by qualified high school instructors.

Any high school student whose 16th birthday occurs after December 1 of the academic year may enroll with the approval of his/her guidance counselor and a signed consent form from his/her parent or guardian. Please note: Only students who meet specific prerequisite requirements and have been recommended by a teacher or guidance counselor are eligible.

High school teachers who wish to offer a Cayuga Advantage course should first speak with high school officials and the Cayuga Advantage contact person in their school district to secure their support. An instructor’s credentials (resume, transcripts, certificates) should be forwarded to the Cayuga Advantage Coordinator as early as possible for review. Cayuga faculty in the relevant Academic Division will determine competency.


  • Cayuga Advantage students are entitled to all rights and privileges associated with being a Cayuga Community College student.
  • Cayuga Advantage students are held to the same expectations and academic standards as any other Cayuga student. This includes attendance requirements and academic progress standards.
  • Cayuga Advantage students must meet all prerequisites and be recommended by a high school teacher or guidance counselor to enroll in a Cayuga Advantage course. You must reach your 16th birthday by December 1 in the academic year in which you wish to enroll in a Cayuga Advantage course.
  • Students who do not reside in Cayuga County for the required length of time MUST complete a Certificate of Residency Application. Use the Certificate of Residency Application in this Guide or obtain one from your County’s Treasurer’s Office.
  • Cayuga Advantage courses are transferable to a SUNY institution with a final grade of C” or better. Private institutions accept Cayuga Advantage courses on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: Students who enroll in a Cayuga Advantage course will receive a Login and Password to view final grades. Retain this information for your records!


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Director, K-12 Partnership and Academic Pathways
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