• 50 GB of storage per mailbox
  • Maximum attachment size:
    • incoming 25 MB
    • outgoing no limit
  • Spam management:
    • Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Please Note: We do not support IMAP, POP3, or other e-mail clients


You now have the ability to forward your student e-mail account to a non-Cayuga e-mail address using our Outlook Web Access. For detailed instructions please review the following document. Please use Internet Explorer 8 or greater for these instructions.

To view the following PDF files, you will need to Adobe Reader, a free download.

  • Log into your College email at
  • Click the GEAR LOGO (Settings) in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Click MAIL near the bottom of the list under the Office 365 option
  • Click MAIL > ACCOUNTS >FORWARDING on the left-hand side of your screen (under Options)
  • Click the START FORWARDING button and enter your personal e-mail address in the text field
  • Click SAVE


For easy setup, we recommend using the official Microsoft Outlook app for your smart phone. You can find Outlook in the iTunes App store or the Google Play store.

If you cannot install the Outlook application, you can setup email on a mobile device that supports Microsoft Active Sync 4.5. Mobile devices that do not support Active Sync 4.5 can access student email through our Outlook 365 Webmail Access. Make sure that you are running the latest version of your mobile device operating system.

Setting Example Explanation
E-mail This is your unique Cayuga student e-mail account.
Server This is the student Cayuga e-mail server name. Type exactly what you see at left.
Username This is your unique Cayuga email address.
Password xxxxxx This is your unique e-mail/account password. Type the password you use to login to your Cayuga student e-mail Account.
Description Cayuga E-mail This field is simply a description field for the account. Feel free to give it any description you will remember. It will not affect your account.
SSL ON (or YES) This field specifies whether to use SSL encryption or not. This should be enabled for any mobile device in order for e-mail to work.